My Friend....!!

Yeah..!!! This is my friend which is giving me company almost evry time when i am alone..
It listens to all my repeated unending stories without getting irritated or saying that is tired or busy .. :)
Love u my dear friend.... :)

This is the tree which i can see from my room ...
and i m in love wth this finally...
It is giving shelter to some families these days... :) :)..
They make baskets and the lady has small kid...who will always be in the cradle with the help of my friend's branches..


Valli said…
This is touchy!
Done with all your heart...Keep it up! :)

Nice thoughts..:)

Nature is my best friend too!
kiran said…
Thanks a ton valli..!! :)
ikya said…
Hey Ikya here.. awesome paintings re. "Radhika has got talent;-)". I beseech you get a bigger platform for your paintings..
kiran said…
Thanku..Thank u.. Ikya..
Thanks a lott fro visiting my blog.. :)

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