Me at Chitra santhe 2015 :)

A very good start of the year which has motivated me to do more and more..!
Waited for almost 1.5 months to hear from Chitra kala parishath for the confirmation of my participation which I came to know a day before of my exhibition where I did not prepare much J
I had to rush with all my paintings to get them framed or atleast a mount board around them. I got them mounted and then ready to exhibit..!

We(Me and my husband) went to the place ,Started arranging the things, then realized the lack of experience .
Did not get the cloth just to avoid sun light where my paintings could be seen properly
Did not had the plan/view on how to arrange them in order to show case in a better way.

Was just excited that I was a part of it as it was my First exhibition J J J J but not on some important things J
Any ways. This is all a part of lessons learnt..!!

When I just went round the street to see the other exhibits, Confessed about the time waste I did and negligence where I could have invested some more time to do the things which I can…
Again a lesson learnt..!

When I was demotivated for few moments ,an angel has come to me to boost with the confidence to buy my tiny sparrow which I had sold for Rs.200 which is more valuable than my 1st salary J
I kept it safe thinking what best thing I can buy out of it J..And out of my excitement ,I did not ask his name :P..But thank you veryyyyyy much Mr.Angel :D

And special thanks to my family who had supported me the most to participate and cooperate to do the things in the way I wish to do.. J

My stall :


Unknown said…
బావుందండీ అభినందనలు :)
Radhika (nani)
Congratulations kiran.. Way to go..
..nagarjuna.. said…
congrats on your achievement :)
తృష్ణ said…
Very happy for you. .wishing many more surprises..all the best..:)
అభినందనలు కిరణ్ :-)
Rajesh Kumar said…
Awesome... all the best and we need to see you at more places.

Amrutha said…
wow kiran!! Congrats!!

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