Sailu's Vennello godavari...!!!!!

Vennello godavari is a book written by beloved sis/friend sailu :)
It has full of defintely by the end of the last page, you will have a special feeling and joy for reading such lovely lines througout the book...

And glad to say that i did a painting after reading the story and it is published in the book..
Thanks a lottttt sailu :)
This is how it looks in book :D


కిరణు!థాంక్ యు...
wowie !!! awesome akka ♥♥♥
..nagarjuna.. said…
Congratulations :)

BTW, does the book have 263 pages !!
వీలైనపుడు బ్లాగు/పుస్తకం చదువుదామనుకున్నా. హిక్, అన్ని పేజీలంటే కష్టమే :D
suma said…
too good kiran.... especially d moon & work around d moon.

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