pls save me - urs sparrow..

I have habit of watching birds...and one day i suddently thought of sparrow which i used to see in my child hood and few years back...wen i was very young ..few sparrows arranged nest for them in a room where i used to sit n do my home work..but then i was cursing them as they used to tweet and make the room dirty by throwing the grass evry where..but now i want to see them desperately..but i cud not....and some sites says that they are one of the extinct!!!

U enjoyed ur childhood by seeing me...
when God created both of us at the same time
u have grown up and fulfilled ur dreams and saving ur family hierarchy..
In the same way i need ur help to save myself and my species...

Please do keep water pots for us in this summer in the terraces,compound walls and balconies..
please save us

-- urs sparrow..


Pranav said…
So Sweet... as usual, the painting is also cute!
Valli said…
Nice drawing

and a very good thought!
Missing sparrows :(

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