Sweet Home

This is my big project with the color pencils and never tried shading with color pencils before.Just gave a try and  liked the way it has come out..ana i can say i have shown much patience than before to see the final output.

Donno if i am using these pencils in the correct way.. i gave nearly 2-3 coats on each color to bring the brightness..is it correct? or my color pencils or bad?
Any suggestions are welcome... :)


Nithya said…
Hey its really nice.. for the first try it really good :)

But I would say the landscape is not drawn 3d. you wanted to show that the flowers are close by and the house is far away na.. that has not come out well. It looks more like the grass is on top of the flowers and the house is on top of the grass.

Keep trying more.. I am sure you have the potential in you. :)
kiran said…
Hey Nithya..Thanks for the encouragement.. and suggestions...:)
will try to improve next time..
actually want to draw some bushes in place of grass..but cud not...will try some time for the effect.. :)
kalyan said…
Its really nice and its looking real cool and its really really good and you can do better ..
Valli said…
Nice one....:)

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