dharshini said…
nice.. U R made it on canvas board? ... and some problem for ur word verification plz check ur settings..
kiran said…
Thanks Dharshini...s did it on canvas board..will check my settings...and sorry for the late reply..
sreesu said…
Landed first time here's full of really good sketches n paintings...I espicially liked the colos u 've used.Nice art.
kiran said…
Thanks a lot sreesu for visting..and commenting.. :)
Satyask said…
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.
Would you be interested in drawing any illustrations for my blog
I will give a linkback from the drawing to your site and put your name in the caption.
If you permit, I can also use some drawings which you have already made in my different blogs.
Satya Sarada
kiran said…
hello saradagaru.
i m so glad that u visited my blog..
its my pleasure to give u my drawings and u can very well use them... :) as u said..
Very Good. Looks like you tried this in M.F.Hussain's style...

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